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Since 1988, the financial advisors at Abacus Wealth Partners have helped clients dedicate more time and energy to what matters most. Prior to becoming clients of Abacus, many people had to spend considerable time and emotional energy worrying about investments, family dynamics, business succession issues, or whether they truly had enough to pursue their most heartfelt goals. If you'd like to schedule your free 15 minute financial checkup, please tell us a bit more about yourself:


Awareness: Most financial habits are deeply ingrained in the unconscious mind. Therefore, making meaningful, lasting change requires that, first and foremost, we cultivate a much deeper awareness of our patterns and their causes as they are today. If you'd like to delve more deeply into the work we've published on this subject, please check out our books, audios, or online courses.


Simplicity: Most people get understandably confused by all the hype and finance-speak coming out of Wall Street and corporate America. We've found that the most successful strategies are ones that people can understand and follow for decades, not just a few quarters or years. This requires tuning out much of the news and emotion surrounding finances, and focusing more attention within oneself. This may be simple, but it's not always easy. That's where having a trusted Abacus advisor at your side can help.


Equanimity: A healthy, peaceful relationship with money requires balance. If any one behavior becomes too dominant — spending, saving, giving, or investing — the whole system is at risk. Our advice helps clients determine which behaviors they've already got enough inner support for, and which ones they need more support for. Because emotions drive most financial behaviors, this also requires the client to cultivate the ability to witness emotions around money rather than act upon them reflexively.


Non-harming: Our approach with almost all clients is to emphasize a portfolio which prioritizes companies that avoid harm as they go about their business. We also encourage philanthropy as a cornerstone of a healthy relationship to money, the planet, and all living beings.